Chinese Translation

July 25, 2008

Every time I do another Q&A for the film, it becomes ever more apparent that a translation into Chinese is needed. If anyone would like to help with this endeavour please get in touch. If ever there was a film that the Chinese government and people needed to see, this is it, I reckon. It is a film for China, not for the West. A translator would be helpful but not only for the film but also for a website. Anyone?


One Response to “Chinese Translation”

  1. Weimin Rose Says:

    Dear Unwinkingaze,
    I would like to help you with the translation. (I am from Taiwan and I certainly know Chinese and I have seen your film. Good music, by the way.)
    But the thing is Tibet is a forbidden subject in China. Even if the film is translated into Chinese, is it going to be allowed to show in China? Just as they have even banned the album Songs For Tibet even though the songs themselves have nothing to do with Tibet whatsoever.
    Anyway, if you still think it is worth doing, and some Chinese people might see it and change their minds, I certainly would like to join this kind of optimism.

    Wei-Min Rose
    Norwich, UK

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